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段刘愚211 called “Basic Capacity Construction Project University Member”

段刘愚134+ hectares of the campus area

段刘愚21 schools

段刘愚7 disciplines

段刘愚64 undergraduate programmes

段刘愚49 graduate programmes

5 joint Ph. D. programmes

1000+ professors

20000+ students

100+ students clubs

Campus & Students

  • Chinese Culture Curriculum for International Students

  • Calligraphy Experiential Activity for Intenational Students

  • We Love China, We Love WTU

  • Preisent Peng Yuyuan & Students

  • General Education Curriculum Named Fasion & Beauty in China

  • International Students Graduation Exhibition of Fashion School

  • Taichi Perfomance

  • Chinese Traditional Activity for Foreign Teachers

  • Opening Ceremony of International Students

  • Studying Abroad at Duke University